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Make your own Dream Catcher

At Saturday Club this weekend we made dream catchers in summery colours, to hang above the bed and catch any bad dreams.

Would you like to make your own dream catcher at home?


You'll need:

A paper plate (or an embroidery hoop would work well)

A hole punch

Wool or ribbons

A sewing needle with an eye that is big enough for the wool to fit through (we used large, plastic sewing needles)



Crayons or pens


  1. Cut out a circle from the middle of the paper plate. Use the hole punch to make holes all around the edge of the plate. Decorate your plate with crayons or pens.

  2. Thread your needle with some wool or ribbon. Tie the other end of the wool/ribbon to one of the holes to secure it.

  3. Put the needle through a hole on the other side of the plate. Keep threading the wool through different holes to to make a pattern similar to a spider's web. You can add beads to make it extra special.

  4. When you run out of wool tie the end around one of the holes. Continue sewing with a new piece of wool to make a really big web.

  5. For an extra special touch, hang some feathers or make some pompoms.

  6. Hang your dream catcher above your bed.

Sweet dreams!


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