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Valentine´s Day ages 8 - 12

Even though every day is “love day” for those around us, Valentine´s day makes us stop and think about what love means to each of us. It’s also a great opportunity to talk about love and happiness and how we share these things in life

Do you know the history of St Valentine? Here´s a little video to explain:

What do you do on Valentine's Day? Do you make cards for friends and family? Do you tell them you love them?

Valentine's day is full of hearts. This craft is a lovely way to make a heart card or gift for a loved one.

There are so many great books about love, but here is a beautiful animation of one of our favourites; Guess Ho much I love you.

Another great way to honour Valentine’s Day is by opening our hearts through creative movement. Enjoy this heart-opening Valentine’s Day yoga sequence from Kids Yoga Stories in celebration of Love Day.



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