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St David´s Day!

Many people know about St Patrick's day which is celebrated in Ireland on the 17th March. However March also sees another Saint´s day close to one of our Co-Directors hearts - St Patrick´s Day in Wales.

St David's Day is a celebration of the patron saint of Wales, St David. It is celebrated on the 1st March every year and is a national holiday in Wales, and also celebrated by other Welsh communities around the world. On the day people hold parades, festivals and parties- Lots of children dress up in tradition costumes and sing welsh songs.

Here´s a fun, short film about how some children celebrate in Wales

Many families make lot´s of tasty food on St David´s day. Most importantly we make welsh cakes! They are very simple. Here is a easy to follow recipe:

On St davids day people wear leeks or Daffodils (the flower of Wales).

Choose your favourite and make one of these crafts.


All you need is paper towel, and string for the roots. and some green paint!

1. Fold your kitchen paper in half and snip sections half way down it to make the leaves of the leek.

2. Then fold it in half again and roll it up into a leek shape.

3. Pop a bit of tape on to hold it shut.

4. Cut some string pieces for roots and tie them on the bottom of the leek.

5. Then paint the leaves with watered down green food colouring.

6. Hang them up to dry upside down.

Too see the full instructions and more follow this link:


You will need:

:: yellow card (or white card and yellow paint):: green card :: egg box :: paper fastener / split pin :: yellow and/or orange paint :: a small paint brush :: stapler :: ruler :: pencil :: scissors :: a craft knife (optional)

How to make a daffodil pinwheel spinner

Start by cutting a square from your yellow card or white card painted yellow!

Next, cut out the cup part of the egg box – this is going to be the trumpet part of your daffodil. Paint it either yellow or orange, depending on what colour you would like in the centre of your flower

Once all the paint is dry you need to cut lines into the yellow square of card as shown in the photo below.

To create your daffodil flower, you need to fold in four of the edges.

Make a stalk for the daffodil by rolling a piece of the green card into a tube.

Use a paper fastener / split pin to join the egg box trumpet, the daffodil and the stalk all together. You can poke the paper fastener straight through the card but you might find it easier to make a hole with either a pencil or craft knife first. You want the hole to be loose enough for the daffodil to twirl around to give you the windmill effect.

And there you have it – a beautiful daffodil. You could make a few of them in different shades to make a lovely spring bouquet.

To follow the full instructions go to the website:

And finally learn to say Happy St David´s Day in Welsh



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